AUP Acceptable Use Policy

Please follow these policies, and we will make money together for years! Thank you for choosing phil-flash sites to promote!

Image Modification: The removal or replacement of image tags (ie. from any of my content is prohibited. The only acception to this rule is in the use of thumbnail advertisements.

Surfer Deception: To mislead a user is to lie. It is in your best interest as a promoter to promote honestly. Deceptive promotions lead to chargebacks, and disgruntled users. User deception ultimately leads to a dent in the pocket book of our entire industry including yours.

Pay & AVS Sites: The use of my content to sell subscriptions for your pay site (including AVS sites) is prohibited.

Upselling: Upselling is a good method to send sales from your member area. If you are interested in upselling my content please email me to discuss.

Blind Linking: Do not create thumbnails from my content for use in traffic trading or for any other purpose besides promoting my network of web sites.

Failure to follow my AUP will result in immediate termination of your Affililate Account.